Saturday, October 5, 2019

autumn 2019

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I’m sick of scholars who do bad faith readings of snippets of Heidegger notes, thus creating “Heidegger” fictions that, I guess, serve their careers. I don’t want to give attention to that.

To the public, an aura of scandal is more appealing than the tedium of careful reading. That’s good for marketing. (Academic journals have budget issues, too—as well as peer reviewers needing to bolster their guild specialties.)

Several Annotations journal notes by Heidegger—supplemental entries from circa 1944—have become public recently, glossed by a few flippant scholars, causing glosses of the flippancy at some news sites. Does that cause timidity among good-faith scholars of Heidegger’s essays and lectures?

Maybe some genuine dwelling with Heidegger’s notes can be worthwhile. So, I did “thinking relative to 3 notes by Heidegger.”