Friday, May 29, 2020

spring 2020

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posting on TrumpWorld which might be continued, maybe not.

May 14 | posting: “‘genius’ on the street.”

May 9 | posting: “VE Day in a pandemic.”

April 12 | My long email to the author of a NY Review of Books article on Darwin deserves a preface about the sense of Darwin reviewed. But I wrote in light of the author’s interest in genomics, as represented by the book description of his Tangled Tree (which I’ve ordered) about a paradigm shift in evolutionary genetic modeling.

April 10 | Pandemic realities and news have been almost overwhelming at times—but not quite: American humanity is still thriving.

I’m making resort of work with difficult conceptual notes that I’ve neglected
the past couple of months. I can’t commit to posting about that soon, but
(and because) it’s fun so resorting.