Saturday, April 10, 2021

spring 2021

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If you didn't see the American Masters episode on Oliver Sacks’s life, you must. It’s two hours, but the last 45 minutes makes it all worthwhile. Entertaining memoir becomes a report from the front lines of prospecting in neurophenomen-
ology, then offering a truly memorable ending filmed during the days of February, 2015, when he wrote “My Own Life” for the New York Times

March | I’m making lots of progress on a topic complex whose conceptual technicality has been intense. There will be tens of parts. 

I anticipate short postings done intermittently over the next year. A series won’t seem to be part of an overriding topic until a set ends, then gets a group title.
A set of titled groups of themes will be grouped, becoming a chapter of I-don’t-know-what. The chapters themselves will emergently define how they belong together. Prospecting lives in openness. 

I have a revised posting about the Internet as evolving organism

February 5—March 3 | The point of more democracy is more good life among us whose emergent pointillism of good society depends on the good between “us.”

I’ve made an intimate conception of such bettering, “Biden’s and my democratic society,” relative to parts of Biden’s Inaugural Address of January, then extrapolating.

The good (yes, the, in a special sense) between and among us emerges from the lives of persons, obviously, which, for conceptual interest, implies the standard philosophical interest in understanding personhood, which is also a keynote of a humanism which isn’t metaphysicalist. 

But I have a sense of being a person which is better than standard senses of “personhod” (or “personal identity”).

My discussion’s component notions and directly-related ideas will be more detailed later, but I’m confident about the March conception.