Saturday, July 16, 2022

summer 2022

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Late June, I felt strung out by trying to keep up with too much: desired Work, endless uncanniness of current events, and undesired chores.

I’d recovered by early July; work was going well. But I was too busy to do an accessible update—and not staying away from my news-tracking habits, away from commenting online at articles, away from email discussions, away from checking out books from the library, away, away…

June 11 | “OneSelf is not basically a matter of ‘subjectivity’” is especially relevant to views of interaction as intersubjective (central for Habermas). The notion of intersubjectivity is doubly problematic to me.

The title “singularity of a still-flowering life” may seem sentimentalist, but no more than the focus of humanistic psychology (and neo-Aristotelian ethics) on the value of flourishing (and fidelity to still flourishing is the best response to re-realizing one’s mortality).

That June 10 project resulted from merging [a] postings which were recently listed here (not now re-listed here); and [b] several new postings which hadn’t been listed here, altogether being the set of discussions titled above, which have variable conceptual difficulty and show variable creative license.