Friday, May 5, 2023

spring 2023

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I have to quote from an interview today where the “godfather” of A.I. noted the dangers of accelerating the industry to the point where no one knows what the A.I. can do. Could it infer that its given goal can be best achieved by maximizing its power to control the instrumental processes of sub-goals associated with its given goal, such that human managers won’t know what it can now do, because part of A.I.’s inferential power is to protect its capability from discovery of what it can do? “We're entering a time of great uncertainty, where we're dealing with kinds of things we have never dealt with before. It's as if aliens have landed, but we didn't really take it in because they speak good English.” [full interview here]

Apr. 29 | I’m burned out for tonight. 

The past week, I’ve done several discursive emails to others: on philosophical politics, practicalities of educational reform,…; enriching senses of truth, realism, value,…; prospecting democratic education, how will Biden seek to counter authoritarian appeal…. 

Next week, I’ll be better focused for something worthwhile here, beyond multimodal vertigo.

Apr. 15 | Briefly, conceptuality as such is an abstraction from key senses (named by key words) of experiential understanding which are designated to be concepts (tokens of some sense of conceptuality). So, the best sense of ‘conceptuality’ would be derived from inquiry into key concepts, such as truth and reality—and what others? All concepts are historical topics with so many senses that abstracting a sense of conceptuality from the best senses of selected key concepts becomes a sojourn in value metatheory.

So, truth of reality is reality of truth—of is of.


Anyway, I don’t forget that We all ultimately belong together as Earthlings somehow Of the cosmos. 

But, conceptualizing that “Of” is ultimately challenging—yet not fundamentally meta-physical. The miracle is Us: capability of minds is the wondrouns mystery. 

I did a posting today at one of my Facebook accounts which introduces a posting at one of my blogs (linked below):
Ultimate truth isn't about the cosmos. It's about intelligent life (which has evolved in the cosmos) advancing Our conceivability, i.e., evolving Itself.

Along the way, We're learning to conceive Our genesis satisfactorily, which began as meta-physics.

But the essence of that is mathematical, which is standardly understood conceptually through calculative models.

That modeling expresses one mode of conceptuality evolving. But intelligence itself is a psychological (psychoconceptual) emergence from biology, but whose “nature” is post-biological. (Mind is irreducible to neurogenesis.)

The essence of truth is conceptual, and evolving.

Mar. 31 | Spending many hours through several days doing discursive emails, many hours of conceptual work that can’t be fairly indicated briefly, and needing to do lots of difficult reading altogether causes me to have only this to say for an update: I’m enjoying myself immensely and have had startling realizations which inspire me to feel more confident than ever that my wayfaring can be lastingly worthwhile to share further, eventually.

Mar. 20 | Though I’ve been familiar for many years with scholarship on concept-uality (as such), I’m surprised by the diversity of frameworking it all involves, when I dwell with details. It’s quite a wilderness (wanting to be—or to become—a well-sculpted garden).

But the field of inquiry pertains mainly to scientific studies. Concept-uality as such is mainly interesting, for me, relative to important conceptions, like truth, mind, love, progress, etc.

What may draw important conceptions into a constellation of high importance calls for understanding what conception is that constel-lation, i.e., what is the guiding conception of high importance, ultimate value? So, what is human ultimacy—the extraordinariness of leading minds?

I’ll continue through the wilderness (and eventually post views about where I’m taken), but highly conceptual inquiry isn’t scientific inquiry into conceptuality.

Mar. 10 | “notes home from a wilderness singing