Friday, April 13, 2018

spring 2018

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March 24 | I’m organizing—grouping, subgrouping, and sequencing—approximately 250 bibliography items (the actual books, many of which are edited collections under a given topic) relative to the 11 Areas of The Project.
(If you haven’t been keeping up, that may seem exotic, if not merely precursory).

Sunday, February 25, 2018

valuing higher society

What’s “higher” about higher education? That’s easy to answer relative to notions of academic achievement. But what makes a domain of achievement higher? Originally, in classical Greek times (The Platonic Academy), the question might well be put as: Why philosophy?

Philosophy didn’t express a love of sophistry; it sought to advance genuine sophistication: philo-sophy. We standardly equate that -sophy with wisdom, yet the Greek sense of -sophia was more holistic than our modern sense of life-orienting good sense or exemplary prudence.

Obviously, philosophy can make a Difference, i.e., advance differentiations that matter for practical thinking. Below, I’m improvising an example.

Friday, February 9, 2018

closure on an era of writing: 2004-2017

I’ve organized 13 years of Web pages and postings into—as—a unified work,
not to have myself dwell on that integrated scaffolding. Rather, I’m performing
a transition beyond all of that (“of” The Project), as now-demonstrated appropri-ation of many years’ improvisations in light of The Project which the pointillism of years implicitly anticipated; and now implicitly warrants as cohering work,
in terms of a “monographic” organization of it all.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

summer 2017

beautiful days here, but...

Close to mind for me are all the folks who live in the path of hurricanes, heat waves, fires, and famines—climate change that can’t be reversed soon, no matter how suddenly the entire world might turn its attention to humane political economics. Of course, humanity is blocked by capitalist avarice and autocracy.

Friday, July 28, 2017

a note about Heidegger and the university

Heidegger’s interest in transforming the university began relatively early in his career. For example: In a passionate letter to Karl Löwith, August 1921 (Heidegger was already 31!), he was very intent that...
the old university cannot be overcome [through merely replacing] the “intellectualism” of fossilized lecturers [with] individuals whom one considers to be richer, more lively, and deeper; instead it can be overcome only by returning to the origins of action in what has survived in contemporary facticity and by deciding for oneself what one can do....we [are to] sacrifice ourselves and find our way back into our existential limitation and facticity rather than reflecting our way off into programs and universal problems....

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Want: balancing desire (ideality)
and need (“reality”)

When I’m facing a backlog of “home work” (life management chores), that causes updating of the site home page to be brief—though such “facing” is an interesting theme. 

 Pragmatically speaking—in a sense of balancing ideal (creative) interests and
real (life managerial) interests—a conception of “balancing” is always at least implicit for actually living well (real-ly); and is appealing as a topic for thinking (creative-ly). 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

site development as creative process

Earlier this month, I uploaded a page from 2007 that’s very important to me: “Flows in living well”; and 30 old Habermasian postings, explained on a page about it all. The two pages are briefly explained in the update note for June 13.