Tuesday, August 7, 2018

summer 2018

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If I regard the commercialism of “social networking” platforms (in the margins and in “pushed” content) in conjunction with the so common frivolity of personal content on them, I feel nausea in the fingers—and feel thankful for solitude.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Habermas as philosopher

The editor’s introduction to Habermas’ Philosophical Introductions: five approaches to communicative reason (English 2018 / German 2009) indicates how the collection isn’t merely Habermas introducing his career of philosophical work—his career of work as being philosophical. Rather, he is doing so philosophically. 

He is doing philosophical work there, not merely discursive narrative about work that is philosophical in intent. Each part of the book advances Habermas’s especially philosophical sense of his career—a career which has also been theoretical (writing as meta-social theorist) and practical (writing as public intellectual), yet also has been especially philosophical. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Good behavior isn’t yet worthwhile action.

Mid-June’s update note on his home page (now regarding myself as an other—framing an attitude two weeks ago) asserted (validly) that “I’ve been doing intensive work, making good progress,...I’m very immersed in creative work.” But he didn’t want to be specific. “Saying more later would be just keeping fidelity to ...a given ‘check-in’ date,” pro forma. “I want to make updates worthwhile,” which he didn’t feel like doing.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

spring 2018

See the site home page, left column, for the current update.
May 27

I’ve finished a short project, “astute reasoning and ‘fake news’.”

On the home page, right column, the “May 2018” dates don’t indicate major change from February; but aspects of the “astute reasoning...” project are implicitly pertinent to each Area, and that’s indicated.

The “sense of site” page has been revised (and shortened). Now, I’m returning to background development which I expect to consume most of my free time through June.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

astute reasoning

This is Section 2 of a commentary project titled “astute reasoning and ‘fake news’.” But it’s independent of that project.

The easiest way into this is the curricular notion of “critical thinking.” But I shy away from ‘critical’ because it’s commonly (in academic humanities) associated with a negative sense of being critical, which isn’t salient in curricular notions of “thinking skills,” which have become integral for the systematic educational development of reasoning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

expecting genuineness of a communicative source
and discerning fakery

This is Section 1 of a commentary project titled “astute reasoning and ‘fake news’.” But it’s independent of that project.

The antidote to unwanted fakery by others is persons who expect genuine action and can tell the difference.

Disappointedly calling something or someone a fake is a folkism for discerning extreme ungenuineness. But we don’t ordinarily say “it’s ungenuine” or “you’re ungenuine” (though we do say that sometimes—particularly in formal situations of evaluation). Yet being genuine with others is usually as important for a relationship as are shared values and innocent realism.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Stanley Fish’s ‘...Mother...’ article

This is Section 4 of a project titled “astute reasoning and ‘fake news’.”

When I decided to do a commentary on Stanley Fish’s NYTimes article “‘Transparency’ Is the Mother of Fake News,” I indicated in a “comment” there the importance of Habermas, which linked to this posting’s first version, in terms of a short description of Habermas’s career and relevant sense of communicative rationality. That couple of paragraphs follows, for persons unfamiliar with Habermas, coming to this spot via the NYTimes article. Afterward, I have a short discussion of Fish’s article, Section 2 here.