Friday, April 13, 2018

spring 2018

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March 24 | I’m organizing—grouping, subgrouping, and sequencing—approximately 250 bibliography items (the actual books, many of which are edited collections under a given topic) relative to the 11 Areas of The Project.
(If you haven’t been keeping up, that may seem exotic, if not merely precursory).

That also causes offline improvisations relative to the countless themes (hundreds, it seems, under tens of topics) that The Project comprises.
So, I have nothing brief and pithy to share yet. Sorry to be presently useless..

February 25 | Everything’s backstage development again. But postings will emerge, “valuing higher society,” for example. (I revised the “sense of site” page a few days ago, mostly paragraph 4: “So, I enjoy....”)

February 9 | I added 850+ pages and postings, thereby organizing 13 years of improvisations as past. The Web site has been reconceived, and a new sense of going further is completed.