Thursday, July 9, 2015

Will Andrew Mitchell show great insight into fourfolding?

I’ve long enjoyed Heidegger’s Hölderlinian notion of fourfold, which shows through several versions within Heidegger’s work, and I’ve created many varieties of it, over the decades. [The essence of this posting became “fourfolding,” August 3, a bit shorter than this one.]

So, I hope that Andrew Mitchell’s new book, The Fourfold: Reading the Late Heidegger, is insightful (available any day now, but not yet) because I want good resources for referral to others—and I’d like a brother-in-scholarship.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


One can be post-X, thus non-X, without in any way being anti-X. One can be trans-X without any view about what post-X would be, yet without in any way being anti-X.

For instance, let X = a particular ethnicity or religious life or anthropological lineage. Charging an other with being anti-X because the other’s stance is not yet recognizable as non-X or post-X is pathogenic.