Saturday, June 30, 2018

Good behavior isn’t yet worthwhile action.

Mid-June’s update note on his home page (now regarding myself as an other—framing an attitude two weeks ago) asserted (validly) that “I’ve been doing intensive work, making good progress,...I’m very immersed in creative work.” But he didn’t want to be specific. “Saying more later would be just keeping fidelity to ...a given ‘check-in’ date,” pro forma. “I want to make updates worthwhile,” which he didn’t feel like doing.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

spring 2018

I’ve finished a short project, “astute reasoning and ‘fake news’.”

On the home page, right column, the “May 2018” dates don’t indicate major change from February; but aspects of the “astute reasoning...” project are implicitly pertinent to each Area, and that’s indicated.

The “sense of site” page has been revised (and shortened). Now, I’m returning to background development which I expect to consume most of my free time through June.