Sunday, October 31, 2021

for your consideration, among considerations

It’s common in philosophy to prefix assertions with “It is the case that…X.” What’s done by that, you know, is to contend an assertion (or argument) as tenable.

Are you already feeling averse to such consideration? Bear with me five short paragraphs, then things get interesting.

Inasmuch as anyone comes to that relative to their own stage of development, going forward with actual argument proximally depends on the other’s sense of the claim. That would pertain to two persons face-to-face.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

countering elitism

While pursuing a tangent on elitism (that I’m against, of course) which is a problem for many persons (often as “anti-intellectualism”), I came across two passages that I deleted eight years ago from a posting on “Philosophy for good” (2013), which was “to be continued,” but wasn’t. I wanted to later discuss working “without ethnocentrism, elitism, super-naturalism, metaphysicalism, or deontic overbearingness.”

I also wrote (but deleted) that
Philosophy is often regarded in academia these days as expendable for other specialties (and “philosophy“ is often a shallow pastime in mass media). But no other domain is better able to advance important issues between and across other domains or/and to emplace life-centered thinking into large scale horizons fruitfully.