Friday, July 28, 2017

a note about Heidegger and the university

Heidegger’s interest in transforming the university began relatively early in his career. For example: In a passionate letter to Karl Löwith, August 1921 (Heidegger was already 31!), he was very intent that...
the old university cannot be overcome [through merely replacing] the “intellectualism” of fossilized lecturers [with] individuals whom one considers to be richer, more lively, and deeper; instead it can be overcome only by returning to the origins of action in what has survived in contemporary facticity and by deciding for oneself what one can do....we [are to] sacrifice ourselves and find our way back into our existential limitation and facticity rather than reflecting our way off into programs and universal problems....

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Want: balancing desire (ideality)
and need (“reality”)

When I’m facing a backlog of “home work” (life management chores), that causes updating of the site home page to be brief—though such “facing” is an interesting theme. 

 Pragmatically speaking—in a sense of balancing ideal (creative) interests and
real (life managerial) interests—a conception of “balancing” is always at least implicit for actually living well (real-ly); and is appealing as a topic for thinking (creative-ly).