Friday, June 26, 2015

spring 2015

June 16:

happy trails” posted.

June 8: | I thought today: I’m too busy to do an elaborate update.

It’s the story of my life: I’m too busy to want a “play date” soon, but “your” initiative would be welcome. I do not cancel overt commitments. I do wrangle with guilt about not reaching out more than I do. But then, that’s because you’re the same way. We lose touch, for good reason—all the more to share later. So, a full life is bad and good.

Yet, here I am—and here’s a thought (June 8 blog posting): “disclosing mirrors.”

Monday, June 8, 2015

disclosing mirrors

Suppose emergence of points in a space is like lives making their light in a field of Time, such that adjacencies tend to constellate like friends (or distant points network like “Friend”ing), so that connection—Meaning—is like a set of lights seen in line together or composing a region, perception forming a gestalt that can’t be traced to any few, like that Dalmatian.