Monday, November 23, 2020

prospective reading as conceptual inquiry

Considering thoughtful comment at a news article as dialogue with the text,
then an organization of comment segments into a thematic sequence of topics may instance a practice of theorizing from life (albeit journalistic narratives).

That’s a more improvisational version of engagement sentence-by-sentence
with others’ academic narratives, which can become tedious, but exemplifies discursive creativity, which performs detailed reading as formulation of conceptual stances and interpretive frames. I did that for many years via listserv forums. (Frankly, the potentials of discursive engagement and deconstructive work available through close reading make Frankfurt brand critique seem antique.)

I’ll eventually go back through my current improvisation to pull out the trans-situational themes and convene those into a relatively abstract narrative—
a discursive convention—which easily suggests longstanding conceptual prospecting by others, along with material that I didn’t use for today’s weave, which confined itself to existing comment elsewhere; or was oriented by that.

This posting will probably be expanded. When that happens, I’ll note it on
the home page. Meanwhile, a practical sense of conceptual prospecting expresses interest in discursive moment (i.e, potential general importance).

Saturday, November 7, 2020

autumn 2020

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Around 9;30 A.M., my neighborhood (near the university) sounded like late-night parties at various houses. When I saw news, I got tears.

When I indicated last month here that I’d update today, I thought the presidential election would be old news.

The chronic nightmare of learning the experience of Germany during early 1933 is over. 

NYTimes Editorial Board:
… it is worth taking this moment to raise a glass and breathe a sigh of relief. …The broad endorsement of Mr. Biden’s message of unity and healing is cause for celebration… The American public should be prepared to do its part. People of good will and democratic ideals must not lose interest…. [We should] need to remain engaged in the political process and demand better from [Our] leaders if any progress is to be made…to help restore faith in our democracy and ourselves — to make America greater than ever before. [more]

Friday, November 6, 2020

political interest as discursive fieldwork

The past few weeks, I linked to more of my comments at news articles than I ever have before, but that’s less than typical of the degree of commenting that I do, which is discursive field work.