Saturday, November 20, 2021

autumn 2021

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The week has been intense. Last Saturday, I believed I’d be ready to start something long (many postings as part of my well-ordered project), but that became discursive letters (emails) to five different-worlded scholars: literary, intellectual historial, humanistic psychological, philosophical, and political.

My modal moments could be synthesized into a singular, protean thing,
but I want to move on.

Next Saturday, I’ll be ready for my New Beginning (he said).

Full moon tonight behind wispy clouds in strong autumn wind tropes foreboding. Yet, I’m enthralled.

Sunday, October 31, 2021

for your consideration, among considerations

It’s common in philosophy to prefix assertions with “It is the case that…X.” What’s done by that, you know, is to contend an assertion (or argument) as tenable.

Are you already feeling averse to such consideration? Bear with me five short paragraphs, then things get interesting.

Inasmuch as anyone comes to that relative to their own stage of development, going forward with actual argument proximally depends on the other’s sense of the claim. That would pertain to two persons face-to-face.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

countering elitism

While pursuing a tangent on elitism (that I’m against, of course) which is a problem for many persons (often as “anti-intellectualism”), I came across two passages that I deleted eight years ago from a posting on “Philosophy for good” (2013), which was “to be continued,” but wasn’t. I wanted to later discuss working “without ethnocentrism, elitism, super-naturalism, metaphysicalism, or deontic overbearingness.”

I also wrote (but deleted) that
Philosophy is often regarded in academia these days as expendable for other specialties (and “philosophy“ is often a shallow pastime in mass media). But no other domain is better able to advance important issues between and across other domains or/and to emplace life-centered thinking into large scale horizons fruitfully.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

summer 2021

From journalism to phenomenology, life is as is.

August 26 | “On ‘belief’” would be better titled “beyond belief” because it’s briefly about belief’s relation to knowing, action, and rationality. I don’t focus there on belief, but my intent remains. I do have a discussion to share soon.

Vistas in molecular engineering: “‘Inescapable’ COVID-19 Antibody Discovery: Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains.” This is truly exciting. Notice in the article the technological means of gaining the results. Sooner than one might imagine, there will be no disease....

Saturday, August 28, 2021

It is as: given as is

from journalism to phenomenology

Professional journalism (distinct from promotional writing, disguised as “journalism”) has a default stance toward topic T that is “reportedly T” or “allegedly, T…” or, implicitly, “the story goes” or “It’s said that…” or “They say.” (Of course, a reliable source may simply assert what is the case, evincing trust by reputation.)

Representing what claims to be valid is separate from establishing the validity of it. Ordinarily, the two aren’t distinguished by a subject of reporting because the speaker/writer postures itself as trustworthy. Ordinary life postures itself as validly present.

But astute journalism frames the presumably frameless as being under question about its pretense of transparency. A subject of reporting may be playing a confidence game of “guileless” duplicity. “Who, me?”

Saturday, June 19, 2021

a point of flexible perspectivity

Here are two ways—two allegories, two metaphoricities—to express where
I’ve been and I am in The Open:
1: I’ve finished the design of the house, but I don’t want to take time to see it built (which would clearly show you how I’ve been: designing the house) before developing another design.

I’m a builder, too, but architecture is far more appealing.

Well, could I at least share the blueprint drawings of the façade?
Yes, but that wouldn’t express the point of the house as result of
a generative process
. The blueprint doesn’t represent the Work
which has the ostensible result.

Indeed, the house is a design of generativity—in a sense: a meta-house, a conceptual dwelling, whose architexture shows only by living through it—which wouldn’t be to recapitulate its genesis; rather, to live through an appropriation of the house with you.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

spring 2021

I’m working with my notes 10 to 14 hours daily, believing I have a realistic sense of the distance to a horizon (goal)—“new postings regularly, beginning in a week or so,” he says, below—and I’m usually wrong.

However, I’ve gotten to a culminative point that the coming week will clarify (offline). I’m stoked (as we used to say), exuberant. I wish I don’t need sleep. (Maybe the E.T.s, sending unidentifiable aerial phenomena around, can pursue their fun 24/7.)