Saturday, July 4, 2020

summer 2020

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Spring Points” has 25 sections, some relatively long, many short, altogether about 30,000 words. It’s an ordered set of topics—a project within The Project—not a list of sundry interests.

June 20 | I’m creative exuberance, immersed in the “Point” project. It didn’t get finished as early as I anticipated because creative process is integral: I got to a confluence of themes (halfway through the project) that became a viscous highland—which is actually a joy: finding “too much” tangled brush to sort out on schedule.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

spring 2020

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being of the point in a life” may seem obliquely titled, but it’s apt for beginning a new project that will be an ordered set of prospective topics.

Friday, June 5, 2020

being of the point in a life

“What’s the point?” is at least implicit to any focused attention (though commonly explicit), yet also implicit to unfocused interest, like the intrinsic curiosity of children and older explorers: What’s implicitly “there” to be discovered? What’s interesting? What’s satisfying?

And “So, what?”: What’s important? What’s worthwhile?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

winter 2020

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Today among days, I find increasing media opinion that We are in a milestone of the century. Tom Friedman is an example.

Yet, I find far more opinion indicating that a new season is merely postponed.

In my opinion, fall of 2020, then 2021 are to be fabulous for Euro-American life—not to forget others’ suffering. My modest life is, as I said last year, “luxury compared to what most of humanity endures daily. But I do my best to be basically optimistic.”

Thursday, December 12, 2019

autumn 2019

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May youth feel holistic power.

And make The Donald eat his sarcasm: Thunberg “jabs back,” notes the NYTimes, by changing her Twitter bio to mock the President's words, referring to herself in Trump's terms as: “A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.” 

Go, girls (different article: about teen political ambitions).

And may our heirs not have to emigrate from deserted hot Earth to Mars, though vacationing to Mars is surely to happen.

A posting this week on corporate concentration conveys a very different, yet complementary, context of holistic power.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

summer 2019

I transposed one of my comments at the NYTimes into a blog posting: “a venture in progressive pragmatism.”

China vs. the U.S.: The NYTimes top-picked my comment on Tom Friedman's column today, “Huawei Has a Plan to Help End Its War With Trump.” Business as war by other means echoes the fact that we’re on the way to a permanent condition of cyberwar. (That explanatory article didn’t allow for comment; so, see my comment here.)

September 7 | I finished appropriating seven back years of notes offline, but the complexity of it all doesn’t transpose easily into the simple sense of website which I’m trying to maintain. And I’m more interested in new directions, which draw me far from here. I must let things emerge in their own time and way. But I’m confident about my direction. And I know that the result will be worth sharing.

Friday, July 12, 2019

a sense of cultural economy and global order

When I decided last weekend to finish the spring “progressive practice” discussion, I discovered that cumulative notes were far more involved with unexplicated background material than I recalled. So, I decided to organize it all well for later use and, for now, write just short discussions for each part (linked below). Those discussions are merely synoptic of detailed thematic and bibliological scaffolding I have available for later use. (By the way, “goodG,” below, is the political-cultural aspect of a general conception of “the” Good, which I sketched earlier.)

cultural economy

goodG planetary order

Explanation of the many months of no new posting, February to now, may interest someone who hasn’t checked in here lately: