Saturday, January 21, 2023

a polymathic, protean sensibility

Yesterday, I immersed myself again (after 30 years) in Howard Gardner’s Creating Minds. I’m amazed by [1] how influential (how implicit) his understanding of creativity has been for advancing my own conception
[2] beyond his, thanks to other influences and my own work.

Actually, many of his books’ foci have been integral to the kind of practical sensibility which I generally prospect, i.e., conceptually model, relative to others’ work, my own offline, and my improvisations shared.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

humbly marking a new year for humanity

We grow up, achieve a lot (at best), pay forward (please), and move on—maybe contributing to others’ lives.

Time tells. Learning never ends.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

autumn 2022

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Turn of the year is an open-ended time for me. I expect to get a lot of writing done offline. I have much conceptual work nearly ready for coming months. I’m happy.

Nov. 19 | Well, yes, I am making good progress through the forest, but depicting that now would distract me too much from enjoying my adventure. 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

summer 2022

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What can be the merit of “best” among conceptions (if the term isn’t ejected from discourse in our relativistic times)? It’s at least “the better conception” among available alternatives.

Sept. 5 | I’m glad to find that my approach to thinking about “self” is very corroborated by the diversity of others’ views: “more diversity of selves” (following up from the Sept. 3 discussion linked below).

for the better conception

The reality of multiple approaches to understanding a notion (named by a concept) may evince wondering [1] why one chooses one approach over another (if one does so: one is “best”?); [2] why there are multiple approaches (why the pluralism—other than happenstance: why no convergence of approaches?); and [3] how best to understand a convening of the plurality (modeling conceptual evolving?). 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

on not seeking followers

I don’t like the notion of “Followers,” which social media commercializes.

It intimidates me, too, because I want to be responsive to all who may contact me, but I can’t be responsive to everyone (not that this is currently an “issue”—I’m prospecting). That’s why I don’t broadcast what I’m doing, other than to make finding what I do relatively easy (if one’s interested enough to follow a few links).

Monday, May 30, 2022

spring 2022

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Enthralling appeal” arranges 30+ keynotes (future topic foci) into a short story. 

My project, my fun continues.

May 21 | Theoretical biology advances notions of “evo-devo,” but a correlate, non-biologistic difference is expressed by the historicity of a life (developmental individuation) in a historicality of cultural evolving. “Deep heights appealing to low shallows” plays with the difference, from easy accessibility to difficult prospecting.