Saturday, September 10, 2022

summer 2022

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What can be the merit of “best” among conceptions (if the term isn’t ejected from discourse in our relativistic times)? It’s at least “the better conception” among available alternatives.

Sept. 5 | I’m glad to find that my approach to thinking about “self” is very corroborated by the diversity of others’ views: “more diversity of selves” (following up from the Sept. 3 discussion linked below).

for the better conception

The reality of multiple approaches to understanding a notion (named by a concept) may evince wondering [1] why one chooses one approach over another (if one does so: one is “best”?); [2] why there are multiple approaches (why the pluralism—other than happenstance: why no convergence of approaches?); and [3] how best to understand a convening of the plurality (modeling conceptual evolving?). 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

on not seeking followers

I don’t like the notion of “Followers,” which social media commercializes.

It intimidates me, too, because I want to be responsive to all who may contact me, but I can’t be responsive to everyone (not that this is currently an “issue”—I’m prospecting). That’s why I don’t broadcast what I’m doing, other than to make finding what I do relatively easy (if one’s interested enough to follow a few links).

Monday, May 30, 2022

spring 2022

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Enthralling appeal” arranges 30+ keynotes (future topic foci) into a short story. 

My project, my fun continues.

May 21 | Theoretical biology advances notions of “evo-devo,” but a correlate, non-biologistic difference is expressed by the historicity of a life (developmental individuation) in a historicality of cultural evolving. “Deep heights appealing to low shallows” plays with the difference, from easy accessibility to difficult prospecting.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

winter 2022

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Coordinated global response to the deluded despot’s invasion of Ukraine hallmarks the best of humanity at planetary, historic scale.

Feb. 26 | I believe I’m ready to begin a long project online piecemeal, maybe offering several named pieces per week, but at least one new posting weekly.
The unnamed project conception won’t be obvious from the pieces, but gradually the accumulation of postings will imply a clearing sense of what the project is, where it’s going, its pieces becoming sequenced aspects of its emerging conception.

Friday, December 17, 2021

autumn 2021

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An insightful but misleading newspaper article on Heidegger’s Being and Time caused me to comment at length, “engaged being,” for readers who aren’t familiar with Heidegger’s thinking.

Dec. 11 | Lots of new discussions are coming online in January onward. I’ve said something similar to that before (more than once), only because I push back my sense of immanent milestone thanks to the fruitfulness of current work.

Nov. 26 | The ultimacy of the universe will be forever unknown. So, the ultimate point of Our form of life is ours to design, making time worthwhile, at best cultivating humanity lastingly.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

engaged being

I came across an insightful article on Heidegger in a mainstream newspaper, written by a senior journalist, which caused me to comment at length. Afterward, I realized that some of that could be useful here for readers who are not familiar with Heidegger’s thinking.

The journalist mentioned Heidegger’s notion of “being in the world,” which occasioned my comment that “indeed, proactive engagement with one’s world is vital.” I didn’t elaborate, but here is a chance for an elaboration which may be surprising:

Heidegger was not referring to a state of affairs: be-ing in the world. He was referring to an activist engagement—equivalent to what French Existentialists later meant by “engagé.” “In-der-Welt-Sein” is meant by Heidegger as we literally read it: in-the-world-being. The German phrase for “being in the world” is different: “auf der Welt sein.”

That kind of difference—structural versus engaged—was implicitly expressed by my further comment at the journalist’s article (comment which unfortunately showed my apostrophes and dashes as errors):
Heidegger sought to open up others’ thinking for the sake of new ways of approaching unprecedented times authentically and lastingly.