Friday, June 6, 2014

spring 2014

June 6:

I added my August 2013 posting on “the better way” to the short list of “philosophy for good.” I’m amazed by the oversight: The posting was written the same week that the philosophy for good project was first indicated here.

May 30 | This was fun: “notes on truth.” Work with “Habermas and Truth” is coming along. I’ve decided to add commentary to my 2003 discussions. So, the uploading process will begin this weekend. Also, directly related: “given all due regard...

May 26 | I’ve consolidated postings from elsewhere into project areas: “good” and “healthy” thinking, “Habermas and the EU” (the Sunday EU elections corroborated my views; but I was already planning to shelve attention to this), “transnationalism” (shelving), and hoping to newly focus on many things. (As projects develop, the mere linking to postings from elsewhere may disappear, so this posting may lose some validity of links, I can't predict.)

May 22 | for love of enhancing humanity

Philosophy after Habermas” has a new second half. It’s a new beginning—yet an ending. I’ll let the page stay as it is. I’m moving on.

I wrote an enjoyable posting, “facing desire for Truth,” that introduces “philosophy....” And that’s introduced by a Google+ “note on doing philosophy” that’s apt, I think. So: (1) “note...,” (2) “facing...,” and (3) “philosophy....”

May 19 | I didn’t make it to updating last night. I wasted time on academic idle chatter. (The Black Notebooks Affair will soon come to your neighborhood, too.) No more of that. Something else, later today, I expect. (Reflections on why I won’t buy into a Twitter level of blogging?)

May 8 | a spring note looks to summer

Happy days. The conception of this site that I began with, last summer, is still the guiding one. I’m getting closer to making something good of “philosophy for good” and dissolving any seeming speciousness of “healthy regions...” into a sober excursion into public health policy. The “humanistic union” experiment will be made into a realistic extension of the work above it. Then I’ll explore new vistas of conceptual gardening shamelessly.

April 8 | Of

For an Eros of mathematics: So Edward Frenkel prospects. Contrary to him, I don’t prospect that The Universe may be a simulation. I’d love to elaborate (not now, yet...).

One does as one can.