Friday, June 26, 2015

spring 2015

June 16:

happy trails” posted.

June 8: | I thought today: I’m too busy to do an elaborate update.

It’s the story of my life: I’m too busy to want a “play date” soon, but “your” initiative would be welcome. I do not cancel overt commitments. I do wrangle with guilt about not reaching out more than I do. But then, that’s because you’re the same way. We lose touch, for good reason—all the more to share later. So, a full life is bad and good.

Yet, here I am—and here’s a thought (June 8 blog posting): “disclosing mirrors.”

June 1: | Would you like to read about a psychoanalyst’s confused sense of “Intelligence”? That is with a capital ‘I’ (while equating ‘daimon’ and ‘demon’). (I prefer the spelling ‘daimon’ rather than ‘daemon’ because the Aristolelian notion of being well is standardly spelled ‘eudaimonia’—not that I’m Aristotelian, but as Greek terms go....)

I’m having such fun with my own notes—I see the horizon of when I begin posting long discussions regularly—that I can’t feel that I’ll do the psychoanalytic excursion this week. Free play of creative process is a traveling thing.

Yet, I must get back to that eventually: Mystery of mind!—aura of selfness in numinous nature.

May 28: | ...horizonal direction, conceptual focus, pointing out, gathering points, constellating, regioning, designing horizonal directions, clarifying conceptual foci...

Such luxury, you know. Meanwhile, Earth survives careless tempests, and old news becomes noise for we Anthropocenic players.

May 25: | ...In other words (re: May 19, below), a designer may discard a draft after it allowed realization of how to do the topic better. In the wake of that, there’s progress emblemized by empty space or silence.

Then let brevity express the good of reflection and thinking—feeling for and appreciation of what truly matters, being of this.

May 19: | I had a posting here which I’ve deleted. It’s like sketches: the artist discards one because it allowed realization of how to do the subject better.

There’s progress emblemized by empty space.

May 11: | “Pointing man in a pointillistic land” is really about the appeal of topographic tropes, not my sense of economic injustice in financial society or luxury art markets. Being in time, you know.

May 9: | Fail I may in keeping home page “update” promises, but I can turn the eventual update I do into a posting: “Questing for intelligibility…,” etc.

April 26: | “designing woods” was posted April 19, then I substantially revised the latter half—happy fool I am—April 21. I expect to post more this week—new, not revision—before my “update” promise.

Yet, I can’t turn away from world news—so often overwhelming (old gripe)—that firstly keeps me from getting work done, then secondly throws me back into densely conceptual heartland, as if I might die before I’ve done the best I can.

So, now, I have: I’ve done it; I’ve gained the sense of conceptual closure (a telic Openness) I wanted. But it’s like an architect finishing a design, which is merely a scaffold on paper from which a scaffold in the air is another beginning. Finishing one mode—say: thinking fully through—leaves dwelling in a liminal mode, drawn into the promise of the building, which will house endless mystery: more unthought (inevitably), more drawn into dwelling (thankfully), another building to do (Yes!).

March 31: | I’m writing a lot, but don’t have a distillation for presentation.

Creative process is wonderful, like hiking: The further out into the landscape one goes, the more time there has been to be covered in writing home cogently—or not, rather trusting that friends will later welcome a long saga.