Tuesday, September 22, 2015

summer 2015

September 22:

Eventually, I’ll distill all of my ephemeral excuses for not having an update (or not having a worthwhile update) into a discussion of Project development as being—and having been—part of the Project concept, analogously perhaps as Abstract Expressionism sought to hallmark its own processes of composition (e.g., Jackson Pollock), which is more than framing the character of the medium (e.g., loving linguistic relativity).

September 19 | I regret to say I don’t have an update because I got too caught up in shaping things I can’t depict briefly and cogently. But I’m so close to the Beginning I want. Yet, I won’t resist daily flows of new notes that get drawn into my designing process, preventing me from letting closure happen, thus settling finally on the textual blueprint of—well, I won’t try to trope it.

September 12 | A brief amusement about millimeters can turn into profound enchantment: close encounters of the sundry kind. That’s not about math.

September 2 | I feel guilty about not having a meaningful update for today; too much developmental process for that long-promised Project that is to provide interesting things regularly.

I’ve found a good deep-structural conceptuality across tens of proximally-unrelated topics, a conceptuality which is generatively integrative without ontologism. But see: What usefulness is saying merely that? What tens of topics? Why want generative integration? How best to begin it all?

Enthusiasm for what seems unprecedented over the new hilltop “must” be balanced with fidelity—time given—to writing home. I need to do more sharing. But I am keeping fidelity to my “Next update” date.

Balance! Exploration and reporting back, etc.

Old story.

August 28 | I didn’t make goal for a worthwhile update today because a backup hard drive crashed, and setting up replacement ruined my attitude.

Usually, I can pretend that the material world doesn’t pertain to me.

Of course, that’s a good perspective for dying accidently.

If I were a teen, I’d still be immortal.

August 26 | First day of the new semester is sunny.

A girl-woman with sunbrella (so fair skinned) saunters to her first session of course tourism.

Everyone is dressed for class. Looking like fresh goddesses and gods, they go forth, clueless—though glued to smartphone to stay fully tweeted, whatever.

GPS ensures being located by others and assures oneself that one is wherever, assuming that oneself and being for others are more or less the same, whenever.

August 19 | bloomin’ daze

Days go by.

I really don’t know what I’ll want to do next.

I’m looking at a mass of notes (a textual garden), but want to present one little bloom at a time. In good time, it’ll happen—landscapes of the things will emerge.

August 17 | I obtained Andrew J. Mitchell’s The Fourfold today. But the experience wasn’t inviting yet.

Aug. 16 | Are alleged ETs folk mirrors of our inhumanity?

Aug. 11 | posting: “intelligence of Earth.”

Aug. 10 | If Stephen Hawking can take S.E.T.I. seriously, then why not be there?

Having fun. Wish you were there.

Aug. 6 | “Paths and heights” revises and expands a Facebook posting on Heidegger’s path, literally and figuratively—philosophy as allegory.

Notes of language” was a Facebook posting that has been removed, placed here, and elaborated briefly today for the sake of elaborating extensively later. My notes on “notes” exemplify what I mean by saying my project is emerging.

Eventually, the entire website’s structure—the site map—will be at the bottom of its home page. I do have a plan, and it’s not complicated.

Aug. 5 | “Fourfolding” is a discussion of Heidegger’s figural thinking. So gradually, a singularity of my Heideggerian project is emerging. As my project page indicates, I’m on the way to dwelling there with his most difficult conceptual work, such as “Time and Being.” Yet, that’s a distant horizon.

July 27 | “A fact of strife between Earth and Worlds” improvises in light of an Obama comment. The notion of strife between Earth and Worlds is a keynote of Heidegger’s “Origin of the work of art,” Poetry, Language, Thought.

The posting doesn’t mean to imply that the gods aren’t amused. After all, we are fun to entertain. I know these things, you’ll recall.

By the way: update on “the” meaning of being: NASA estimates 1 billion “Earths” in our galaxy alone.

Indeed: Ours is a galaxy relatively alone in the expanding cosmos of galaxies speeding away from each other, where—O where—the other “Earths” are too far away for the gods to have visited; too far away to ever visit them.

But good news!: In four billion years, around the time our sun will force our presence to migrate to another star, the Andromeda galaxy and Milky Way will begin to intersect. A party of intelligent inter-presence is in store for billions of years to come. Ultimately speaking, who cares if messages take several hundred light years to interplay?

In the meantime, there’a no better place in the solar system than Here—no place like home.

July 25 | “flow, design, cultivate”: This discussion shows a Heideggerian sense of authentic conceptual prospecting—also a sense of conceptual fun, because it is prospective.

How might an advance of so-called “poiesis,” “logos,” and “ethos” best show singularly? I tend to focus on an unpublished paper by Theodore Kisiel about Heidegger’s notion of “Ge-Stell” (after several paragraphs of shameless expansiveness). But it all allows me to show one way into thinking Heidegger’s sense of “Ereignis,” focused as 3-folding Onefold.

In short—though probably obscurely, out of context—Ge-Stell is the gathering onefold of all ways of emplacing, where the ‘Ge-’ speaks the gathering, cohering, concerting of all ways of emplacing.

July 9 | A long posting on Heidegger’s fourfolding.

July 2 | A posting, “differences,” is about self-undermining construal of others.

A webpage, “for glorious living,” extrapolates from a moment of a Heidegger lecture (implicitly to conflicted German Christians, 1933). I sketch a sense of humanism that is easily hidden from witnesses who need to regard interaction dissociatively.

June 26 | “Where are we?” relates to a lot of material that I was persuaded to not exploit because the risk of being too credible was unacceptable to certain persons. Balancing credibility and avoidance of dangerous disclosure is an old issue. (That posting and this note is a joke, of course—I would have to say now, whatever the reality, right?)

June 20 | “environmental engineering in a religious world