Monday, December 7, 2015

autumn 2015

December 7:

I felt this morning so involved with developmental work that writing briefly here would be only about honoring an update promise. “I have so much to say that I have nothing to say.” So, the genuine thing to do is to not write here until I have something of worthwhile length to link from.

I easily get visions of long postings that morph into themes that become part of The Thing that is evolving. Its themology is a genesis, a themogeny. Isn’t that cute?

I need my free play without duty to write home. I treasure my freedom to feel that “today” is right for doing something delicious for you—or not today.

Besides, I’ve already done so much. For example, I’ve known for a decade that love for democracy is intrinsic to Islam.

November 30 | I thought I’d have an engaging discussion of the once-upcoming UN Climate Conference; but now it’s here, and I don’t.

Their rhetoric is instructive; so, what was good to note before the Conference will have more resources for discussion afterward.

I am so close to The Beginning I want online here. Remember, I said: There is a plan! There is. 2016 will begin beautifully (may I say).

November 25 | My home page musing on “What do you want for your life?,” etc. was made into a posting.

November 19 | A definitive overview of Heidegger’s Contributions to Philosophy is preceded by a long “letter” (which became a strange kind of essay) to a professor of philosophy about the Contributions and about Heidegger’s hermeneutical sense of critical prospecting.

November 17 | Emancipatory interest as deconstruction (listed with its Heidegger project) is about others’ difficulties with Heidegger’s marginalia.

November 8 | Clean slate feels great.

But my prevailing slate is offline, you know. And I’m having much fun, not wanting to take time to write home—except that I love you’re here, and I dread to disappoint.

I’ll be glad to get enough developmental work done that my slate is largely online.

I know you’re just dying to know my sense of the relationship between phenomenality and ontogeny (not).

How about: God as the Archimedean Point of folk horizonality which was to be philosophically captured by some Logos of “the” transcendental a priori. (Logos gets Christian in the notion of homoousios). But overcoming Kantism’s rationalization of faith—i.e., overcoming “transcendental-horizonal” thinking (Husserl, paradigmatically)—looks like...well, I won’t coin a name here. I got happily sidetracked last week by an online review that resulted in too much email with the author, and I have to withdraw from that particular fun.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun trip that I’m not taking presently—a trip of a trip which I have the audacity to feel can go beyond Heidegger while also being fully appropriative of what he was trying to do in his era that lacked good conceptual means for what he prospected.

Now, does that sound like fun or what? Sorry to not have a nice long discussion of my own to link to.

October 31 | Last month, my coloring of UN resoluteness as “being historic” was wishful thinking that anyone would hope is prescient. But I’m not prescient, of course—at best: exemplary of wishfulness. Yet, that sky-blue jointure shows well what the baseline Project of Humanity is. And It deserves to prevail, to be more historic.

I got a vision today about how to integrate that wishfulness with an accurate sense of Habermas’ career, relative to the definitive autobiographical statement by him this month that I noted earlier. Today’s inspiration was particularly about how to render his basically-20th century era as integral to 21st century thinking that appreciatively moves on. Indeed, he’s a historic exemplar of how post-Foundationist philosophy can be greatly enabling for Our essentially-Open evolving.

But that would require of me many hours away from near-term explorations I’m now enjoying. Yet, I want to do that integration, too.

I won’t now commit to a lovely side trip.

In any event, creative process is affording more pathmaking chances than I have time to pursue fairly, soon.

October 25 | The playfully titled “love note for intelligent life” implicitly begs sober philosophical issues (intentionally) that I want to address. But it’s all fun, too.

October 17 | The Facebook/Habermas page links to a new interview of him. That would be fun to make into a dialogue between his narrative and my responses to his particulars. He’s a hallmark of his philosophical era, but not well understood, not well appropriated. Bringing his brilliant sociocentrism into contemporary philosophical thinking (in light of cognitive science and other recent work in human sciences and humanities) can give his broad-scale accomplishment a durability and lastingness that the “Linguistic Turn” cannot provide. I’ve barely made a beginning, given what I have in mind for his work.

He never sought to be Foundationist, rather to be precursory to going forward. In this regard, Habermas is Heideggerian, because the proper (post-metaphysicalist) stance toward philosophy as such is ultimate Openness. He—they, I—was/were never looking back for originary basis, rather looking forward to generative opportunity (thus, looking back relative to forward orientation into unprecedentedness, not seeking quasi-axiomatic elaborations, which ontologism sought). He deserves to be never forgotten in philosophy as his work may contribute lastingly to conceptual evolving beyond him.

October 10 | I’m having lots of conceptual fun (e.g., at the moment—apart from this note—clarifying a new approach to hermeneutics), so much pleasure that I don’t want to take time today to do a fair (focused) sequel to recent updates, thus not wanting to find a focus that can be briefly presented just to comply with my self-imposed deadline.

But I’ll say (truthfully) that today I sent a too-conceptual rant to my U.S. Congressional district’s Representative about failures of localist leadership (let alone Congress itself) and how a comprehensive approach to mental health is needed to combat gun violence (though the fiscal basis for that is lacking due to the activism of those who can well afford to buy many guns and work to make their equities in that industry appreciate). Or what about Vladimir Putin launching 26 sea-based penises into Syria to distract home attention from his legitimation difficulties?

Talk about distraction: How about suicide martyrdom in a peace rally? At least 95 killed in Ankara.

There’s never a shortage of material for my fantasy tabloid called Primate Living Today.

September 28 | I’ll develop a notion of American humanity eventually. Today is a beginning.

September 27 / 29 | Early autumn, early in a century, the global species strives to make history, then to practically remember having done so. Global work of Our evolving (the UN “being historic”) is perhaps only renderable as risky work of art. Call it a conception of telesis?