Friday, September 23, 2016

summer 2016

September 23:

Summer ends. Over a month has passed since I updated substantively. So, here’s “the last apology for trivial update notes.” Welcome autumn (in the northern hemisphere).

August 13 | Development offline is currently too involuted to allow for writing briefly about it now, and I don’t want to give my attention to anything else this week (i.e., not try to distill happy involution into a brief about it all, nor give lots of time online to anything unrelated).

(Well, OK, for example: Why does conceptual research call for neologism?—which doesn’t imply a Private Language of conceptualization. Is there a kindredness between tropology and topology that originates from the nature of conceptuality? What is the nature of conceptuality? Is philosophical narration a conceptual spaceship fueled by readerly engagement? Aren’t you glad this update now ends?)

July 30 | The past couple of years of updating, of now-and-then posting, and of occasional Web pages, were all either improvisations or recycling of material pending a particular project that I had in mind at the start. So, really beginning this Web project hasn't much happened (though the main areas that you see on the home page are the ones I initially intended to be permanent, and they remain so).

I have been developing the Project during the past year or so; I have had a more-or-less clear conception of it, and I am really close to beginning something very specific.

When I do so—which will be soon—all of my many excuses about, and allusions to, what’s not yet begun—so boring!—will be deleted from the updates section of this blog. In their place, among much else, will be a singular Webpage discussion of creative process. Nothing useful will be lost, except my tiresome narrative of postponements.