Friday, March 3, 2017

winter 2017

March 3

My February 18 home page update note was made into a posting today that anticipates a website area, “the Trump show in American government.”

February 4 | “note to the EU President

I’m still quite distressed by the Trump Event, yet I feel confident by now about my sense of what needs to be done. But I haven’t yet synthesized all of the evidentiary articles that I want to bring into future discussion of this (no thanks to the juggarnaut of bombast that comes out of the White House bedroom Twitter administration, almost daily, and from the Centripetal—albeit oval—Office of Executive Orders).

And I’d rather discuss other kinds of topics, something philosophical. Commentary on current events feels like a misuse of aging time, especially since my perspectives—at the level of engagement with journalism—would seem arbitary apart from philosophical work I’m doing, but haven’t advanced online beyond 2015.

But the advance is happening! Soon, I’ll be ready to discuss more in detail. But I have to let good time have its way.

January 20 | posting: “puzzle of a disseminated identity, gestating narrative.”

January 7 | I want to say good-bye to the Trump years before they begin (“…Don daze…” below). But I’ll probably be unable to resist more posting on that because my normally-obsessive tracking of news will become a keynote of this website (“being in Time”).

Soon, though, the conceptual, philosophical background work I’ve been doing the past six months will occupy page work here. Late December, I had hoped to do substantial posting on that by now. I’m close. Two more weeks, I hope, maybe sooner.

January 6 | "entertaining the Don daze: the U.S. presidency as ‘reality’ TV"

December 10 | The times get more uncanny by the week.

As encroaching authoritianism relishes low-literacy populism, resistance through stronger commitment to educational exemplarity and excellent work seems best. I believe that self-destructive Trumpism will improve chances for Democratic control of Congress in 2018.

In the meantime, I’m having fun with my own learning path. I’m committed to learning well, broadly, and deeply. I will do excellent work online, early 2017 onward. But I’m not interested in ephemeral posting. I’m working intensely, and I’m happy with my progress.

I may have new work to link from here before January 7, but I don’t know. I do know that I’m thoroughly committed to developing the website broadly and deeply.

autumn 2016 | The season was devoted to background development for the coming year, in the spirit of September's "Last apology for trivial update notes."