Saturday, June 17, 2017

site development as creative process

Earlier this month, I uploaded a page from 2007 that’s very important to me: “Flows in living well”; and 30 old Habermasian postings, explained on a page about it all. The two pages are briefly explained in the update note for June 13.

I want to re-organize each home page Area’s page (right column there) to reduce the verbosity and give top-of-page prominence to the topic sets of each Area (which don’t yet have links to discussions). [If you’re reading this long after June, the revisions would have been made, and you won’t know what I’m talking about. I’m making a note to preserve the spring 2017 versions, which will one day link from here.]

Each of the topics in each of the six Areas will eventually be a subsection of the site with several discussions. The topics aren’t vague anticipations of what I want to discuss, but rather foci of already distilled material that has gravitated to one or more of the topics. What looks incongruous (if not arbitrary) as an Area set of unexplicated topics is actually intended to result in a coherent sense of each Area relative to a cohering sense of the site which I’m clarifying offline for later presentation.

That will also, supplementally, integrate the work of Habermas and Heidegger in ways that neither could have anticipated—not Heidegger, because he died before Habermas’s career became well established; not Habermas because his generation was “required” to misread Heidegger, apparently as a matter of political absolution for growing up German.

But a Heidegger-Habermas integration is supplemental, as my June 13 note also indicates. Basically, site development is proceeding relative to others’ recent work, which will be integral to the supplemental prospect.

I expect to have more to add soon, every time I do a short home page update; but I never know what I’ll feel is apt several days from “now.” Also, I’m regularly at risk of distraction by amazing advents of the 24/7 news cycle, which I sometimes follow nearly addictively.