Friday, October 12, 2018

autumn 2018

I’ve given lots of time, the past couple of months, to commenting at news articles, especially New York Times articles and the Washington Post (and other sites, too). I keep a copy of each comment, because I carefully write my comments before posting them.

That has resulted in a large archive of comments (over 50K words, so far) that I’ll love to organize into topic areas someday (or weave into upcoming topics).

The fun continues, exemplified by today’s constitutional law posting.

October 8 | posting: “capsulating a tropography

September 29 | I’m having philological fun with years of notes.

I’m addicted to political theaters of U.S. politics and global affairs. Oh, Ford vs. Kavanaugh vis-à-vis the wonderful ethos of #MeToo in the silly era of Trumpism!

Yet, I’m excited by a sense of futures.