Saturday, June 6, 2020

spring 2020

being of the point in a life” may seem obliquely titled, but it’s apt for beginning a new project that will be an ordered set of prospective topics.

June 2 | “beyond ‘the last temptation of Trump’” is a comment at a religion-oriented NYTimes article against Dumpy Trumpy. It honors a sense of humanity that’s intrinsic to all religions and integral to authentic political leadership.

May 31 | Early April’s holism about “weathering the war on virality” got merged into an extension of all that, which is now a focused excursion—“being well during a pandemic”—relative to excellent journalism regarded as a digital commons, mostly employing articles from the NYTimes.

May 29 | So much for TrumpWorld which might be continued, maybe not.

I let myself get wrapped up in writing to the Democratic National Committee—which ought to sound like a vanity. I seriously responded to a DNC solicitation of “your thoughts” which was actually baiting interest in donating. The political marketing provided no chance to share any views.

My little discourse on how to strategize was fun. Maybe I’ll share details later and elaborate.

A briefer, appropriated version of that “little discourse” is my comment at Tom Friedman’s Saturday, May 30, opinion piece: comment available here.

May 14 | posting: “‘genius’ on the street.”

May 9 | posting: “VE Day in a pandemic.”

April 12 | My long email to the author of a NY Review of Books article on Darwin deserves a preface about the sense of Darwin reviewed. But I wrote in light of the author’s interest in genomics, as represented by the book description of his Tangled Tree (which I’ve ordered) about a paradigm shift in evolutionary genetic modeling.

April 10 | Pandemic realities and news have been almost overwhelming at times—but not quite: American humanity is still thriving.

I’m making resort of work with difficult conceptual notes that I’ve neglected
the past couple of months. I can’t commit to posting about that soon, but
(and because) it’s fun so resorting.