Friday, November 6, 2020

political interest as discursive fieldwork

The past few weeks, I linked to more of my comments at news articles than I ever have before, but that’s less than typical of the degree of commenting that I do, which is discursive field work.

I don’t do casual or impulsive commenting, which I noted Oct. 24 on my home page: “When I comment at a NYTimes article or WPost article, I draft it off-line first, then keep that copy after posting (and note the URL of my comment at the article). I count 24 long comments the past month, as of today; …”

That became 44 two weeks later. Too much has been about Trump, which I’m very glad to forget.

But issues of confederate union preceded Trumpism and remain, which is suggested by comments today at the NYTimes, earlier connoted by my Oct. 27 comment on the NYTimes’s editorial against the Senate’s approval of Barrett for the Supreme Court.
November 6
We The People: Are we a unionist (Democratic) confederacy (Republican), or a confederate union (e.g., the E.U.)? Here are my comments at Paul Krugman’s column today, “Is America Becoming a Failed State?” My reply to myself there is more cogent than my original comment.
Especially interesting is the challenge of limited sovereignty (united confeder-
ation) among regions within the U.S., analogously with the condition of our singular planet. But this is a very elusive issue that I want to discuss in detail later.

All in all, I see hope for a return of Amereican exemplarity in global affairs.
November 5
The Republican Senate can’t stop the Biden administration from restoring American exemplarity in collaborative global leadership,
re: “advancing intelligent life.”

October 24
I prospected at the NYTimes editorial, “R.I. P., G.O.P” some basic terms of political life.

October 14
My October 5 installment of “days go by” (a continuing series) on  electoral hopefulness counters a common pessimism about American government which has become unconstructively tiresome.

When I asserted “Vote for her who’s to be next,” I had Kamala Harris in mind.

My project for an American politics of virtue is part 3 of an ongoing project on advancing deliberative democratic tendencies in America which I expect to finish before the new year. Its intent is mainly conceptual.

October 24
Political life itself is theater.