Saturday, June 19, 2021

a point of flexible perspectivity

Here are two ways—two allegories, two metaphoricities—to express where
I’ve been and I am in The Open:
1: I’ve finished the design of the house, but I don’t want to take time to see it built (which would clearly show you how I’ve been: designing the house) before developing another design.

I’m a builder, too, but architecture is far more appealing.

Well, could I at least share the blueprint drawings of the façade?
Yes, but that wouldn’t express the point of the house as result of
a generative process
. The blueprint doesn’t represent the Work
which has the ostensible result.

Indeed, the house is a design of generativity—in a sense: a meta-house, a conceptual dwelling, whose architexture shows only by living through it—which wouldn’t be to recapitulate its genesis; rather, to live through an appropriation of the house with you.

2: I’m well into the highlands. Wish you were here. I haven’t scaled the peak, but I know the way to the highest vista.

However, the view from the highland here is spectacular enough
for now. Yet, I don’t want to take time to do photos and explain
the landscape. I want to go on to the peak.

But having secured the way, I am coming back now to return with you to the peak.
My metaphorical monograph has six chapters. Summing my sub-sections equals 30 sub-sectional topics. But many of the sub-sections have sub-sections (sub-sub-sections, relative to its chapter), like normal chapter sections have constituent topics. Summing all the topics (and regarding a section that lacks a sub-section as a chapter topic), my monograph has 46 topics.

Yet, a sub-sectioned table of contents is a linear scaffold of what, in my case, is non-linear in conception, such that there may be no good reason to avoid fleshing out topics in ephemerally preferred order—doing, say, topic 4.2.3 before topic 2.1 or topic 1.3.2, because circumstance (days go by, new literary advents by others are affective) causes 4.2.3 to be more appealing “now” than linear development
by scaffold, even though the linear sequence is appropriate generally. But, all in all, the linear scaffold is the path I want prevailing in the long run.

Meanwhile, I know that my peak view in The Open includes distant emergence of other peaks, where most enthralling of all is that we belong together in the same evolving.