Friday, December 17, 2021

autumn 2021

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An insightful but misleading newspaper article on Heidegger’s Being and Time caused me to comment at length, “engaged being,” for readers who aren’t familiar with Heidegger’s thinking.

Dec. 11 | Lots of new discussions are coming online in January onward. I’ve said something similar to that before (more than once), only because I push back my sense of immanent milestone thanks to the fruitfulness of current work.

Nov. 26 | The ultimacy of the universe will be forever unknown. So, the ultimate point of Our form of life is ours to design, making time worthwhile, at best cultivating humanity lastingly.

Nov. 20 | The weeks have been intense: working devotedly with many hundreds of pages of notes (“page”= MSWord count). Recently, I believed I’d be ready to start something long (many postings as part of my well-ordered project), but that became discursive letters (emails) to five different-worlded scholars: literary, intellectual historial, humanistic psychological, philosophical, and political.

I wanted to meld my modal moments into one online discussion (since they’re all kindred), but their themes flowered too much to otherwise gather and form a singular, protean thing before my update “deadline.” And I want to move on.

Next Saturday, I’ll be ready for my New Beginning (he said).

Full moon tonight behind wispy clouds in strong autumn wind tropes foreboding. Yet, I’m enthralled.

Oct. 31 | “Mirror, mirror, in the text, where are we?,” discursively speaking:
for your consideration, among considerations.”

Oct. 29 | Today’s posting: “for a Literary university in a democratic ecology.”

Countering elitism” (Oct. 9) has been extended (Oct. 23), but it’s barely begun.
It will probably become a long Webpage elsewhere (but the current posting location will link to that).

Oct. 15 | Trite to say, yet ultimately true: What’s Ultimately True (unlike the “arrow” of Time) is Ours to design: “The City, Life.”

Oct. 9 | “countering elitism” (preliminary version)

Sept. 25 | I’m enjoying many hours per day of fruitfulness offline. My conceptual prospecting is fun. It’ll result in tens of pages—hundreds of pages—of new
“stuff” online—beginning soon, I hope.

Anyway, if you have nothing better to do, consider the prospected metaverse, brought to you by the anthropological truth that whatever humans can love to conceive, they (well, we) will find the way to invent —and to shape into a politics! You too can imagine attending the Atlantic Festival address of such virtual potential, this October.