Sunday, December 1, 2013

autumn 2013

December 1:

I’m happily “lost” in some heights. The view is spectacular. I’ll do a good descent soon, I promise—first of the year. Or maybe next week. Anyway, I’m enthralled.

November 17 | Keeping my promise to update here regularly is good. But developing work can’t be synopted like progress reporting. If side trips postpone arrival at an appointed place, so be it; that’s part of creative process—which is going well! I’m happy in my work. And I’m having fun.

The next update will be December 1—not that I can promise anymore than to continue a love of learning that’s endless for me (sans death); and hope by then I’ve got more to share.

I’ve got many years of free time ahead (I hope). But I do want to share more soon!

November 2 | Elsewhere, I noted this week (a little vainly, maybe) that “The work of conceptual art evolves slowly. But it’ll bloom well in good time.” The road is long indeed to a good garden, including sacred cultivation of good seedlings (I am happily recalling Peter Sellars in "Being There"): The essence of our humanity lives in enabling our futurity, which emerges from the countless points of light that each life can be—which is no cliché, because that’s precious in the best sense, as we are enacting Our evolving.

September 22 | A distance between “cultivating humanity” and thinking about international law pragmatically is large. Bridging the distance discursively seems easy to me, but representing that sensibly can’t be done briefly.