Tuesday, March 18, 2014

winter 2014

March 18:

At the "new in site" space, “new” doesn’t necessarily mean recent. I have years of things I could upload (but I don’t plan to make this site primarily archival). I’ve found closure on some very difficult work that will serve me well, I hope, in coming years. Soon, I’m going to give good attention to the “Topics to be furthered” here. [That home page area was antedated in June.] The “Habermasian studies” area has grown. That will continue some more, but probably cease for a couple of years this spring because I have many other kinds of projects in mind. I’m excited.

a winter note, 2013, looks to spring

Seeing my Project as work of conceptual art blooming in good time anticipates a sense of philosophical practice that aims to be well-attuned to contemporary reality, yet ambitiously prospective. In my landscape, primordial prospecting belongs with idealized practicality that’s fruitful. Inasmuch as life is topographical, philosophy is topological. Yet, life itself is topogenic, and calls.