Sunday, May 3, 2015

questing for intelligibility of evolving situations continues

What keeps me from writing more online this past week:

An acquaintance who recently finished his PhD wants to do research on “intelligibility,” and can I help out? Sure, if he’ll be specific about what he wants to do. I wrote back briefly about my sense of intelligibility—which might have thrown him, since he’s wanting to understand something “transcendental” within a horizon of linguistic relativity. But intelligibility isn’t basically linguistic, e.g., regarding the mathematical plight of theoretical physics trying to grasp quantum foam (then translated into narrative about that).

A lovely person, a friend who’s a psychoanalytical psychiatrist, sent to me a delightful synopsis of all he’s read the past two years, I responded in part by wondering how all of the pieces might be integrated. In response, he said he's going to do that and more: He’s going to integrate “my psychiatric, psychoanalytic, and meditation experiences into a ‘statement’ of my understanding of our human situation.” Wonderful. I wrote back at some length about my hopes for his—article? I look forward to the result; and to responding lengthily.

A dear friend (30+ years) in Peru is supposed to shepherd a group of Amazonian tribe members to a cultural event at the Smithsonian Museum (Washington, D.C.) this summer. Imagine the culture shock of that. But the whole thing is coming apart because the power of the white princess (my friend, needing to manage logistics among the innocents) is threatening the tribal power of one group member. So, I wrote an advisory on how to create collaboration from children by bringing them to enown the teacher’s better judgment. I had no advice on the intention to attract tourism to Peru by having the natives perform for U.S. tourists during the hot, humid summer. I wish her a cool odyssey.

Also, during the week, I thought I’d consolidate a recent set of notes before focusing on new webpage discussions for here. But I fell into merging several Project conceptions going back several years, which is a conceptual challenge fit for someone trying to herd cats for the sake of constellating all intelligibility.