Monday, February 22, 2016

a scale of faculties

How strange is it that ‘faculty’ “begins” (medievally—looking at an Unabridged definition etymologically) as denotation of an academic profession, then becomes a notion of a priori mental capability, gets outmoded for that, yet continues to hybridize as senses of intellectual power, as if mind as such reflects academic professionism? Or the university expresses the horizon of mental ability (mentability)?

Now, cognitive science (young queen of human sciences) wants, in some venues, as much geneticism as can be evidenced, as if faculty psychology has at last come into its own—as if longing to comprehend Essences wasn't mythological but prescient—as if we are an intrinsic power of nature advancing Itself as the global universe of the university.

Alas, whether the cosmos expresses supersymmetry or tokens multiversality is decidable! Gravity waves have been exposed! The Singularity is Nearer. Bioengineered supercomputing will discern the way to real quantum computing?

A century from now, the planetary organon of our faculties may be incomprehensible to we who live now, like trying to advance our thinking in the 21st century with conceptualities of the 19th.