Friday, March 4, 2016

the role of Considerations with his ways

I don’t want to give more attention to paranoid silliness about Heidegger’s animus toward German ideology, but I can’t resist noting that F.-W. von Herrmann’s authoritative view of Heidegger’s black notebooks concurs with my own.

I’ll eventually provide more detail—within proper context, i.e., in light of specific discussion of Heidegger’s Contributions to Philosophy. But I don’t plan to do that this season. The important point, though, is clearly asserted by von Herrmann.

Mar. 12

The few specific entries of Heidegger's Considerations which mention Jewry (13 of the numbered entries, says von Herrmann, out of 1200+) are not antisemitic. (I prefer to not capitalize the term for that stupid attitude.) I’ve discussed them all elsewhere (a Heidegger discussion group, summer 2014), but I don’t want to take time now to transfer and re-format it all now. I’ll do the transcription someday .

For now, I’ll discuss two entries by Heidegger which have been read by others (including Richard Polt, August 2014) as indisputably antisemitic. But they’re not antisemitic, not incriminating at all.