Tuesday, March 19, 2019

winter 2019

What do you read in a text’s silence? “For a sound silence” is about others’ “Heidegger.”

March 4, 2019 | What do you read in the silent, attentive listener? Or the silent, attentive therapist? “Thinking of Heidegger teaching” is precursory (occasioned by a letter to someone), but a good introduction to my employment of Heidegger. I’ll perform some close reading of Heidegger-in-English, eventually; but probably not this spring. (I did so much close reading—from decades back to recent years of the “Heidegger affair”—that he’s part of the way I am. Yet, I don’t live in the middle of the 20th century.)

February 21, 2019 | My revision today of this website adds 100+ pages. It’s a milestone for me: At last, I have the distilled sense of my project that I’ve sought for online backgrounding, in light of work that’s still developing.

Persons who are familiar with the five “sense of site” Areas may notice that the Area descriptions haven’t much changed. But each Area synopsis now links to new material, not the Area-pertinent parts of 1500 pages from 2004—2017 (re: 8"x11" page size; re: the “100+” new pages, too). Those earlier Area archives have been listed at the end of Area pages, as supplementally-relevant developments (improvisations, I’ve called them, implicitly derivative of the developing work).

The new material provides a cohering sense of earlier work secondarily to my primary interest in prefacing in some detail where I’m going, now in terms more settled than a year-or-so ago. In other words, my sense of past improvisations is relative to where I’m going that earlier work implicitly anticipated.

The “being well” Area introduces an approach to humanistic psychology. The “conceptual inquiry” Area prospects lots of academic work to be done this year. The “good thinking” Area introduces a lot of new discursive prospecting. The “advancing community” Area introduces a lot of new discussions related to progressive social-political practice.

The “being in Time” Area will be an endless reverie about contemporaneity, relative to leading news (mid-2019?). This Area may grow to dominate the website, while the four other Areas provide background for my views about contemporaneity. But commentary on current events easily becomes antedated by time.

For me, it’s all serious fun, which is the ultimate meaning of life, you know.

Be well.

January 6, 2019 | “For a good story of a ‘worthwhile’ life” is intentionally abstract, but pertinent to upcoming additions to the site that aim for a better sense of being well, relative to conceptual inquiry and good thinking.

December 22, 2018 | I’ m dismayed by current trends in news, but don’t want to write about it now (having put too much time into commenting at articles of the NYTimes and Washington Post)—except to say that a risk of being a junkie is making oneself sick of the involvement.

My conceptual work is progressing well; I’m working intensively, really. But I’m not ready to begin revising the Website.

I feel bad about that because I have very much to share and don’t want to be a regular disappointment via vapid update notes like this, time after time.

My online issue is common to writing anything complex: Introductory writing is done nearly last (or an article Abstract emerges nearly last).

This Website is intended to be an entrance into a long path, going toward difficult work which is worthwhile to me, of course; but has no end goal (like going toward a horizon: it recedes, like a rainbow).

Sharing online has little point, if that’s not worthwhile for a reader, too: engaging, accessible, maybe useful, and, I hope, promising to others for follow up.

But that happens in light of the odyssey that evinces postcards home. The trip is another kind of addictive involvement. “No time now to call home! Sorry.”