Friday, April 26, 2019

spring 2019

April 21, I posted a comment at a NYTimes article on “progressive capitalism,” then did a brief discussion in light of it at the home page. That’s now a posting.

Then, I decided to pick it apart to use its elements for a new and better discussion, adding new aspects. But, as days passed, the discussion got too elaborate for near-term expansion. I’m going to develop it properly (unhurriedly): a sense of cultivating humanity through enablative society for a progressive politics of human ecology (humanistic ecopolitics).

That sounds like a book topic. But I won’t be that elaborate. However, I do need to avoid so much semantic compression that sharing the discussion isn’t yet practical.

April 20 | I’m resising the pleasure of writing about ephemera, because such things require context—for example: sharing long comments of mine at articles of the New York Times (tens of those recently) and at other locales. Sharing notes from my days that easily cohere with parts of longstanding projects (to me) requires context that I don’t want to give time to. Being fair to the eeriness of religious holidays requres context. Or sweet honoring another immanent Earth Day (which is every day) feels repetitious.

Yet, I’m flowing well!

March 23 | I’ve uploaded a lot in recent weeks (tens of pages, prior to the end of February there, which is on the way beyond February, of course). Now I’m eager to work in new directions. I can’t predict when I’ll feel it’s time to post more to share, but I’ll stay in touch with “check-in” dates indicated on my home page, above the signature line there.

March 16 | Another section of “a creative life,” “American humanity,” is posted, which attests (indirectly) my view that pragmatic humanism is integral to being American.

March 10 | Today, I have a discussion which extends an approach to phenomenality; but I haven’t offered an introduction to the approach as such (as if the approach has a ready capsule), because joys of improvisational prospecting don’t imply the character of itself as open venture, though sometimes I’ve sought to write generally about phenomenality. Today’s discussion, “relationality,” isn’t only midstream in a longstanding conceptual project (which doesn’t yet have a comprehensive introduction); it’s part of a recent project (“a creative life”) that alludes to lots of themes. I share what I’m doing, which is not primarily (yet) explanatory for readers.