Thursday, August 8, 2019

summer 2019

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Thank you, David Brooks (or whomever), for closing the “Comments” feature at your current column after my comment, such that mine shows at the top of the 647 comments.

July 30 | evolving Internet, so many satellites, space junk, my, O, my….: “transcendental techno-Earthanity.”

July 22 | This week, the PBS Point of View series presented a stellar documentary about a broken refugee’s work for human rights of her displaced village, as she risks becoming a useless celebrity, even by the documentarian explicitly trying to avoid that.

July 13 | I began a new blog, “american earthling”; and posted here “a sense of cultural economy and global order.”

I’ve finished so much, the past few months, almost none of it online yet. I want to update the home page weekly, but I’m not there yet. I have a lot of work to do which probably won’t pertain to the site, but may. So, I can’t feel confident about rate of updating there, other than at least every two weeks. But maybe more. Time tells.

June 29 | I’ve finished my thematic scaffold. Yet, sorting resources into the architexture is taking longer than I anticipated, because I lost an accurate sense, over time, of how many references I accumulated.

There will be years of good emergence from it all, which has become like intending a one-volume book that is unavoidably becoming three—or becomes an open path that portends to extend itself endlessly, due to the recursive generativity of its resource-intensiveness, which is a function of new resources emerging, of course, because that’s the way time is: like an ever-approaching horizon that seems to be ever receding.