Friday, July 12, 2019

a sense of cultural economy and global order

When I decided last weekend to finish the spring “progressive practice” discussion, I discovered that cumulative notes were far more involved with unexplicated background material than I recalled. So, I decided to organize it all well for later use and, for now, write just short discussions for each part (linked below). Those discussions are merely synoptic of detailed thematic and bibliological scaffolding I have available for later use. (By the way, “goodG,” below, is the political-cultural aspect of a general conception of “the” Good, which I sketched earlier.)

cultural economy

goodG planetary order

Explanation of the many months of no new posting, February to now, may interest someone who hasn’t checked in here lately:

February 7, I left undone the last two sections of “progressive practice” for
“The Project currently” because I wanted a clearer brief sense of cultural economy and world order than I felt ready to provide. And I was obsessed with current events (not unusual: My comments at news articles, 2018-2019, presently make an archive page that fills more than 250 MSWord pages).

Mid-February discussion of “conceptual inquiry” happened to lead to some Heideggerian discussion (due to happenstances), early March.

From late March to now, I got very involved with project development offline, except that a NYTimes article occasioned a prospective posting that is relevant to political economics: “prefacing a detailed sense of humanistic ecopolitics”).

Elements of those two topic groups above will be part of upcoming summer and early autumn work, leading to extended explication of the two topic groups this coming winter.