Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Heidegger studies, 2020

I’ve simplified the main/top level of the project, which divides into five kinds
of interest:
  • sharing Heidegger’s interests reliably for new readers;
  • regarding scholarship about Heidegger as topic (barely begun); 
  • sharing my own engagement with Heidegger’s texts;
  • defending good faith reading of Heidegger relative to his political times; and
  • prospecting the usefulness of Heidegger’s ways for our century (barely begun). 
This has involved changing the section location of some discussions (not the urls of any discussion), so that some embedded discussions become more readily evident, particularly: 
  • an introduction to Contributions to Philosophy: from enowning, which has been expanded.
  • a discussion of Heidegger’s Considerations
  • and discussions about three controversial passages in Heidegger’s notebooks.
I’ve better differentiated pursuit of my interests and advocacy of Heidegger’s,
by moving some items to an expanded “Appropriating” section. I’ve added to
a long excursion that began years ago as an annotated letter to a Heideggerian acquaintance (titled “letter to a friend”), making it into much more of an essay about “a Heideggerian individuation,” focused better on Contributions to Philosophy. (This past week, I read the entire Contributions slowly, yet carefully and completely, doing nothing else the entire week apart from life-managerial necessities—and a few emails to a Heideggerian correspondent [who had no idea “where” I was in the “jointures” of “be-ing” {“beyng”}]). Believe it or not, Contributions makes clear sense to me, and I really believe I understand what Martin was doing.

The project is barely begun, but adding to it substantially will depend on future circumstance and more progress on other projects, in light of which (living in this century—still, thank goodness [not yet vaccinated]) the Heidegger project would be furthered.