Saturday, December 26, 2020

autumn 2020

I’m immersed in work unrelated to the aims of the website. But I have a huge set of notes for future work here, beginning in mid-January (I hope). But I expect that rate of updates will be a low curve through winter.

Nov. 23 | The months leading to the election of Biden inspired a lot of little projects which have been gathered into the “democratic America” project, which will develop further during 2021 (beyond its current ending, Nov. 22). Formation of the project is briefly discussed at “prospective reading as conceptual inquiry.”

Nov. 7 | Around 9;30 A.M., my neighborhood (near the university) sounded like late-night parties at various houses. When I saw news, I got tears.

When I indicated last month here that I’d update today, I thought the presidential election would be old news.

The chronic nightmare of learning the experience of Germany during early 1933 is over. 

NYTimes Editorial Board:
… it is worth taking this moment to raise a glass and breathe a sigh of relief. …The broad endorsement of Mr. Biden’s message of unity and healing is cause for celebra-
tion… The American public should be prepared to do its part. People of good will and democratic ideals must not lose interest…. [We should] need to remain engaged in the political process and demand better from [Our] leaders if any progress is to be made…to help restore faith in our democracy and ourselves — to make America greater than ever before. [more]
Democrats in Georgia need all the help they can get to persuade rural voters, relative to the January run-off election, that a Democratic Senate in the image
of Biden provides their best chance for seeing improvement of their lives. People, make clear to Georgians what their own legacy of democracy has always been,
at heart, about.

Links to all of the past month’s sharings via the home page have been made into the posting “political interest as discursive fieldwork” below.

Oct. 8 | The buzz: Biden folks are a swat team against parasites.

Oct. 7 | Here’s my response to the NYTimes Editorial Board’s tepid endorsement of Joe Biden yesterday.

Oct. 3 | Did the original Surrealists commonly reach a point of “No more.
The uncanniness is too much”?


Poetic resort, anyone?

While gathering notes for my new little “democracy” project, something from five years ago turned up within notes for that: a link to a long ago page—forgotten?—about “a trace of spirited time.” It seems apt to reiterate.

Sept. 23 | This soul in America continues his explorations (not generally in third person voice).

Sept. 20 | Summer ends (two days away), “american humanity” continues (one hopes), intimating “humanity of Our potentiating futurity” maybe?—which sounds pretentious, but it’s not, you’ll see.