Sunday, August 29, 2021

summer 2021

From journalism to phenomenology, life is as is.

August 26 | “On ‘belief’” would be better titled “beyond belief” because it’s briefly about belief’s relation to knowing, action, and rationality. I don’t focus there on belief, but my intent remains. I do have a discussion to share soon.

Vistas in molecular engineering: “‘Inescapable’ COVID-19 Antibody Discovery: Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains.” This is truly exciting. Notice in the article the technological means of gaining the results. Sooner than one might imagine, there will be no disease....

And a new class of exoplanets has been articulated, causing anticipation that discovery of life elsewhere will happen this decade.

Intelligent design by the self-designing species (Us) is so far beyond bio-natural selection. We are a species without an apt conception of itself, as we evolve the conception of our own self-conceiving (a “second nature” that conceives bio-nature as such).

August 25 | You want to know what I’m “ultimately” doing? Briefly? Sharing
an individual pluralism of conceptual interests” is modest.

August 22 | “What’s important?” We hope that the best journalism knows
for sure.

August 16 | I support the Biden administration’s sudden departure from Afghanistan, more enthusiastically than does Tom Friedman, which I note at his article. But it’s all really so complicated, beyond what the word count that the Times “comments” feature will allow.

August 13 | I began a note for here on the appalling rate of vaccine refusal by persons with easy access to vaccination and reliable expert guidance. But animus toward voluntary stupidity isn’t useful, while I won't give time to detailing the authoritarian pathology of it all.

Here’s a response I did last night to Paul Krugman’s recent polemic about U.S. Senate animus toward the public good.

July 31 | I wrote two long emails to an astrobiologist, in light of a recent article of his—fun discussion which I’d love to share, but I’d have to explain contexts which were familiar to him. I’ll share that later. My theme was: They are really Out There—and The Great Silence is intended .

July 19 | “being in The Dark” is about the incomprehensible cosmos.

June 19 | “A point of flexible perspectivity” is a meta-preface to lots of work which I’ve brought to closure offline, like a finally-clarified topographic map. It’s serendipitous about journeying on.