Monday, May 30, 2022

spring 2022

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Enthralling appeal” arranges 30+ keynotes (future topic foci) into a short story. 

My project, my fun continues.

May 21 | Theoretical biology advances notions of “evo-devo,” but a correlate, non-biologistic difference is expressed by the historicity of a life (developmental individuation) in a historicality of cultural evolving. “Deep heights appealing to low shallows” plays with the difference, from easy accessibility to difficult prospecting.

May 7 | I’ve reached a milestone: The earlier mentioned “forest of topics” and “intricate thematic mapping” (recent updates here) have found anticipated closure (provisionally).

But I’m not ready to write of the bricolagic vista relative to any of the appealing texts of others I expect will enrich horizons more than I’ve so far conceived—which should be very likely, since I’m no genius—just highly drawn into the appeal of possibly original conceiving which is useful.

So, yea, creative exuberance—and divining better intelligibility.

April 23 | I’ve been immersed in a forest of topics, doing intricate thematic mapping, involving over 500 pages of notes. (Saying that is so informative,
I know.)

My path to regular and importantly novel (I hope, i.e., truly “creative”) and accessible presentation worth your time is longer than I anticipated, but it will
(at closure) serve several years of new online work.

March 26 | Humanity ultimately prevails over inhumanity.

Though a flourishing life at best merely tropes flourishing humanity, the life may certify why humanity does prevail over predation: Intelligence wins against brute force. (May 5: Ukraine is winning.)

Otherwise, we prefer going our own way, at best with creative exuberance and authenticity, and without pretense about showing virtue which others may find
in true fun of being well lastingly.

March 21 | “Flourishing humanity” best expresses (so far) my sense of the better continuum of progressive pragmatics. ‘Flourishing’ is used as a verb.

Humanity is the ethical generality that we are or can be, which ideas of “univer-
sality” and “cosmopoly” conceal, because Our locus in the cosmos which is universal has nothing to do with Our Earthanity.

March 16 | “Flourishing before tragedy” has a double sense of ‘before’ in mind: prior to and in the face of. This extends an argument for why negate-ive “dialectic” is invalid.

March 10 | “Points of humanity” is about lifeworldliness, self-effacing reconciliation, being, ethical sense, and bettering our futurity.