Saturday, August 13, 2022

on not seeking followers

I don’t like the notion of “Followers,” which social media commercializes.

It intimidates me, too, because I want to be responsive to all who may contact me, but I can’t be responsive to everyone (not that this is currently an “issue”—I’m prospecting). That’s why I don’t broadcast what I’m doing, other than to make finding what I do relatively easy (if one’s interested enough to follow a few links).

Though the credibility of what I do is a continuing issue for me, that’s never in terms of wanting popularity.

Useful influence, yes. But I have to gain and sustain confidence through the Work (i.e., creative process which is “art”istic in a sense of extended process or focused craft, not pretense), not confidence through response (which is likely casual). Indeed, I welcome conscientious critique because that’s a chance for me to learn—to be no longer misled, in some specific sense. May learning never end!

But, the Internet is made for browsers, of course. Most people are tourists of reading, consumers of accessible entertainment.

With all due respect for the busyness of lives, I don’t have time for tourism, but plenty of time for dwelling, being well, together.

Anyway, as always, thanks for your interest.