Saturday, December 17, 2022

autumn 2022

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Turn of the year is an open-ended time for me. I expect to get a lot of writing done offline. I have much conceptual work nearly ready for coming months. I’m happy.

Nov. 19 | Well, yes, I am making good progress through the forest, but depicting that now would distract me too much from enjoying my adventure. 

Nov. 5 | I’m exploring far away from what’s linked below, exploring which is too strange to represent fairly briefly. 

Soon (and quite unstrangely), I’ll attend to psychological research on intelligence, on high creativity, others’ literary audacity, others’ leading conceptions of Truth, philosophical pragmatics, virtue, moral progress, and recent literature on futuring humanity. 

By wayfaring soberly through all that accessibly online, I’ll also keep humility about my insatiable curiosity (though some audacity seems unavoidable).

Oct. 28 | “Love of ascending (and descending)” has no romanticism in my sense of love as ardent caring (in various ways and to varying degrees). Yet, my sense of love (well corroborated by empirical and clinical work in psychology) appeals for scaling up care through one’s years of growing up (thanks to good parenting and education) to ardently identify with Our humanity as one’s own, in a sense perhaps best expressed by literary history.

Oct. 21 |  Some leading ethical theorists ground morality (deontic ethics) in love (Harry Frankfurt, Michael Slote, Martha Nussbaum). Empirical psychology can be quite corroborative of that—and for conceptual or philological prospecting. So, “’love’ in empirical research” shows how that (blandly focused on ordinary love) may unwittingly complement richer views (humbly coming later).

Oct. 14 | My “‘mindfulness’” (so called) discussion is a conceptual venture not overtly related (yet) to common cultural senses which methodically counsel better mental health. But I’m all for better mental health!