Saturday, September 10, 2022

summer 2022

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What can be the merit of “best” among conceptions (if the term isn’t ejected from discourse in our relativistic times)? It’s at least “the better conception” among available alternatives.

Sept. 5 | I’m glad to find that my approach to thinking about “self” is very corroborated by the diversity of others’ views: “more diversity of selves” (following up from the Sept. 3 discussion linked below).

Sept. 3 | Summer has been flourishive. Today is a new beginning—albeit already very midstream in my pathmarking. 

My Sept. 3 discussion, “thinking of a ’diverrsity of selves’,” expresses a sense of self-differential integrity in terms of recent multi-disciplinary interest in “the” self.

By the way, I realized recently that my distinction between Self, self, and [inter]personality (see above discussion) is isomorphic with Heidegger’s integral distinction in Being and Time between temporal “state-of-mind” (Self), situational “understanding” (self), and situated “discourse,” though my sense of Selfality (so to speak: S/s/p cohering) wasn’t formed with Heidegger in mind.

August 13 | Though I’m not seeking followers, I enjoy email contact. Let me learn from you!

August 12 | I am enjoying myself—serious joy.

Lots coming soon, but not yet. The serious joy is too involved to do a post-card home (said Odysseus, bemused).

Yet, I do keep fidelity to my promise to check in.

July 30 | Here’s a thought: Since James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis were “writing Gaia,” were they implying a given muse to whom they’re writing? What could be the “nature” of that? Were they pragmatically creating the tropical figure of Gaia, like man created the pragmatic fable of “God”?

In any case, if humanity is not sacredly wedded to Mother Earth sufficiently,
Our planet could not care less, being remorseless in “Her” engagement with Father Time.

July 16 | Late June, I felt strung out by trying to keep up with too much: desired Work, endless uncanniness of current events, and undesired chores.

I’d recovered by early July; work was going well. But I was too busy to do an accessible update—and not staying away from my news-tracking habits, away from commenting online at articles, away from email discussions, away from checking out books from the library, away, away…

June 11 | “OneSelf is not basically a matter of ‘subjectivity’” is especially relevant to views of interaction as intersubjective (central for Habermas). The notion of intersubjectivity is doubly problematic to me.

The title “singularity of a still-flowering life” may seem sentimentalist, but no more than the focus of humanistic psychology (and neo-Aristotelian ethics) on the value of flourishing (and fidelity to still flourishing is the best response to re-realizing one’s mortality).

That June 10 project resulted from merging [a] postings which were recently listed here (not now re-listed here); and [b] several new postings which hadn’t been listed here, altogether being the set of discussions titled above, which have variable conceptual difficulty and show variable creative license.